An Unusual Encounter with Little Sam, Arkansas Sasquatch

A Bigfoot Sighting in Ouachita County, Arkansas

In Ouachita County, Arkansas 1940.
A man named E. C. Perry who is now 75 years old had claimed to have interaction with an animal known as Bigfoot when he was only 5 years old. He said there were a lot of Bigfoot’s in the winter. His father always said they were just panthers until his father and uncle saw 5 of the creatures in a river with 3 females and they were very ugly.
E. C. Perry said he always heard them screaming and screaming.

In the summer time, their food went missing from the smoke house. Even when his father went to look for his traps, something seemed to be taking the food. His father suddenly reazlied something was following him while he was setting ous his trap lines.

His father saw someone in the woods, very hairy, hump back and 4 and a half feet tall. They would leave food out for him in the woods. Soon enough, when ever his father hollered, the little creature would come to him. They eventually named him “Little Sam.” A name E. C. Perry’s grandfather had. No one else knew about little Sam out of their family. E. C. Perry’s father kept in contact with Sam, but E. C. Only saw him twice in his childhood.

Eventually after he got married, he got a letter from his mother saying they haven’t seen Little Sam in a while so they went out to look for him and found him dead. He was quite upset and he started to cry, it was a very sad thing to know Little Sam was gone.

Credit:  Perry, E. C. Ouachita County, Arkansas. Circa 1940’s.