Tribute to the USS Flagship Hotel in Galveston, Texas

The hotel was built in 1965 by Houston banker James E. Lyon who leased the pier for the construction. The lease rate was US$185,000 annually (US$1.36 million in today’s terms) for forty years.

The structure was severely damaged by Hurricane Ike. As of 2009 the owner, Landry’s Restaurants, was considering various possibilities for the site’s future ranging from demolishing and replacing the structure, to repairing and re-opening the hotel.

In October 2010, local news sources reported that Landry’s will demolish the hotel rather than repairing the dilapidated structure at a cost of $15 million. In its place, an amusement park will grace the 1,000 foot long Pleasure Pier. Coincidentally, the Flagship Hotel replaced an amusement park that was severely damaged during Hurricane Carla in September 1961. Demolition began February 17, 2011.


The Flagship in the 60’s


Gutted for demolition in 2011

Flagship in 1980 during happier times


The Flagship in 1983 after Hurricane Alicia (major damage)


A beach view at either dawn or dusk. 1977.


The Flagship during the 1970s. Happy Hour from 12 to 7pm. Count me in, Sir!


Aerial View. Period 1965-72.

Damage after Hurricane Ike in 2008.

The Seawall during the 1970’s. Roller skating.

Galveston Beach, early to mid-1980s. That radio station rocked!

More Seawall action. 1970s.

Renting roller skates on the Seawall. 1970s.