Rare Images of Samuel Doe, former President of Liberia

Samuel Doe (center right), on the scene with his “Generals”, attempting to quell the rebellion in Nimba County.

Samuel Doe (at left) being briefed by one of his “Generals”. 1990.

Samuel Doe’s abandoned mansion, which was being built during his downfall. It remains uncompleted, looted and a ghostly image of his reign during the 1980s.

1990. The last jet to leave Liberia before Doe’s downfall. This plane had his immediate family on board and is shown here parked in London. It never returned to Liberia.

Samuel Doe and Caspar Weinberger, early 80s. This was Doe’s finest hour. During the first four years of Doe’s regime, the US gave him over $500 million dollars in “aid”. Weinberger’s deputy once flew to Monrovia to deliver $5M cash and later stated “I did not take this job in order to deal with people like him”

One of Doe’s henchmen, Colonel Michael Tilly (right center). Seen here at the Executive Mansion, not knowing what to do a few days after Doe’s capture, torture and execution.

Some of Doe’s generals, posing for the camera in the last month of Doe’s life.

1976. Liberian President Tolbert acting like a buffoon with Idi Amin on a state visit in Monrovia.

President Samuel Doe, giving a speech in 1987 during a meeting with the United States.

The front entrance to Doe’s personal manion, which still sits uncompleted, looted and abandoned.

Another shot of Doe’s executive aircraft, a Boeing 707.

April 1980. Doe’s “Dream Team” of new ministers, after the brutal coup that took down President Tolbert. Yeah, these guys were much better!?

Soldier guarding westerners, poolside at an American compound in Yekepa, after Doe overthrew Tolbert.

Tolbert’s former cabinet members being executed by firing squad, after Doe and his cronies overthrew the regime.

Weekend News. April, 1980.

President Tolbert and his wife visiting Nixon, early 1970s. During happier times.

Thomas Quiwonkpa, leader of the failed 1985 coup against his former friend, Samuel Doe. The coup almost succeeded until Doe’s troops arrived to squash the rebellion. Doe was tipped off by the US Embassy, and rallied his men to defeat Quiwonkpa and his group of rebels.