More Rare Images of Liberia – Final Liberia Post, I Promise!

Samuel Doe. Part of the Evil Dictators trading cards.

Doe on a stamp with South Korean President. 1982.

Tolbert in white, attending funeral of Kenyan politician. Note: Prince Charles.

Doe and Menachim Begin, 1983 in Israel.

Liberians protesting Doe during first civil war, 1990.

Is this Doe or Amin? LOL

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the mid 80s while running for President. She lost.

The Ministers killed by Doe’s men during the 1980 coup.

Tubman and Tolbert. Date unknown.

US Green Berets come to Liberia to “celebrate” one year anniversary of the coup.

The Daily Star.

1980 Coup Victims Memorial in Monrovia cemetary.

The Liberian Inaugural.

1987. USA sends 17 accountants to help run Liberia’s finances. It did not work.

Doe in a suit. 1980s.