Is the TV show “Entourage” cursed? Guest stars beware!

Entourage is one of my favorite TV shows, but whether it is a natural death or not, some guest stars have gotten a glitzy ticket to Hollywood Heaven.

The list of Entourage special guests who have signed off:

  • Bruno Kirby – played Phil Rubenstein, a movie mogul who adored his Shrek doll
  • Sydney Pollack – played himself in an episode where Ari wanted to borrow his G5
  • Chris Penn – played himself. He was boxing and Drama was asking him for money
  • Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein – played himself in an episode where he and Turtle were trying to get limited edition sneakers
  • Stanley DeSantis – played Scott Wick for three episodes
  • Dennis Hopper – played himself

Will this list grow longer as 2012 moves along into the cosmos?

If it does, and if it’s at least more younger people kicking the bucket, then maybe… but for now, not really. I was just surprised to see that Chris Penn was on the show. I knew that he had died a sudden and sad death from drugs and weight problems. Then, when I noticed Bruno Kirby guest starring in Season 3, I just had to look into it.

We shall see! I hope not.

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