The Hopewell Haunting – Check out the Restored Version…. have a great weekend everyone!

I had posted this video in the past, but below is a better version. If you have not seen it, then hopefully you will find it as frightening and scary as I did. Please send the link to your friends, family and horror buffs.


Background Info:

Dane Sears is currently remaking this film into a bigger and better feature-length film that will serve as his first feature. It’s essentially the same story line and concept but now with more characters, story and spookiness to fill that 90 minute mark. Dane has been working on it for years, writing and rewriting and finally its at a point where it is ready to be made and just recently put up a fundraising campaign to help find people out there who would be willing to help us get it made. So whenever you get a minute, please check out the campaign. There is a lot of info on the original as well as some behind the scenes video and pictures that you think you will enjoy.

The campaign is located at:

Thanks so much for looking at this blog and at Dane’s video.