The True Story of Joseph Kony and Child Soldiers

The True Story of Joseph Kony and Child Soldiers

Blogger’s Note:

You can imagine how amused I was when the “Kony 2012” internet hoax/scam/meme or whatever you call it about Joseph Kony began to snowball and gain notoriety earlier this year. I was like “Where the heck have you guys been?” They were telling people what many knew all along…basically just that this stuff is strange and bizarre! Regardless of the legitimacy of the “Kony 2012” campaign, it did succeed in drawing attention to Uganda and this ruthless killer. Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army is less a religious army and really more like a bunch of brutal street thugs, rapists and criminals roaming the countryside. Uganda was once a peaceful and prosperous part of Africa that had never known mass hunger until Idi Amin came along. It was a bountiful place until 1971.

So as a strange and bizarre history lover over the years, there is little wonder that I became a student of African studies and in this case, Uganda as well. In the 80s, when my friends were reading Stephen King I was reading about Idi Amin and other dictators of Africa. More recently, I became very interested in Joseph Kony, his “movement” and the terrible dilemma of child soldiers.  So about seven years ago, I found and ordered the following little known documentary on a VHS tape from the web site, Amazon. It was about $5 I think plus shipping. It was a great find. I hope you find time to watch the video.  Regards,

–John Weghorst

Since 1990, the people of Northern Uganda have watched in horror as tens of thousands of children have been kidnapped from their homes, marched to Sudan, and then trained as child soldiers in a rebel army. Acholi rebel-leader and religious fanatic Joseph Kony abducts Acholi children indiscriminately, brainwashes them, and then forces them to commit indescribable atrocities against their own families and friends.

Filmmaker Neil Abramson chronicles the plight of children in war-torn northern Uganda in this compelling documentary. Chronicling the savagery and horror that thousands of children endure as they are forced from their homes to serve in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), Soldier Child weaves a gripping tale of torture, rape, starvation, and brainwashing. Through black and white photos and on-camera interviews, the events at GUSCO–the rehabilitation facility for those fortunate enough to have escaped their captors–come to life. You’ll see selected stories of the victims of brutality, including poignant footage of a young boy whose feet are so infected from marching in the army that he can no longer walk and a teen-aged girl who has given birth as the result of being raped by LRA soldiers.

More on the guru who influenced Joseph Kony:

Alice Auma (1956 – 17 January 2007) was an Acholi spirit-medium who, as the head of the Holy Spirit Movement, led a millennial rebellion against the Ugandan government forces of President Yoweri Museveni from August 1986 until November 1987. The primary spirit she purportedly channeled was that of a dead Italian army officer called “Lakwena“, meaning messenger, which the Acholi believe to be a manifestation of the Christian Holy Spirit. The combined persona of Alice Auma channeling the spirit Lakwena is often referred to as Alice Lakwena.


Solider Child, the Documentary film (linked above)