The Canyon Country Store

Photo Credit:  BonnieBrae (Thanks!)

The Canyon Country Store is a world famous stop off for groceries and drinks in the Hollywood Hills. Famous rock’n’roll groupie, Pamela Des Barres, even hung out in the parking lot with her friend hoping to meet rock stars who would emerge from the maze of streets in this popular area for celebs. Some other well known patrons were… you guessed it, the Wonderland Gang. In fact, according to David Lind, Joy and Barbara headed to the store right after the boys returned home from robbing Eddie Nash. It’s true. Billy, Dave and Ron were counting and sorting the loot in Ron’s room, while the girls went for booze and cigs. It was party time. Susan was not at the house yet, so poor John Holmes had to wait in the living room by himself, pacing back and forth to see what his take would be. When he got his share of the cocaine, he immediately went to the stove to cook up some rock (as most people do). It’s as Ron said in the movie:  “Do I look like I’m f–n hungry! The only thing I want to heat up is some dope!”

And with that, we bring you the Wonderland Country Store:

Photo credit: BonnieBrae

Photo credit: BonnieBrae

The Route from Wonderland. 1.4 miles in 5 minutes.