There is another Wonderland movie script?

This 2001 article from a legal publication discusses two different things. A Wonderland movie by Mike Elliot and also Eddie Nash’s legal troubles.

Other than a “Special Thanks” credit, I do not see Mike Elliott listed anywhere else in the credits for the 2003 movie. Maybe he was consulted a few times about certain parts of the story. I don’t know, but it appears that Mike has written a different movie script. His was titled “Wonderland Ave.”, so I wonder what it’s like. I LOVE the 2003 movie, but it did not deliver much on the individuals, i.e., character development. But that was the type of movie it was:  fast paced, violent, raw, creepy flashbacks, and filling a two-week timeline.

This article also discusses the possibility of different killers, as put forth by Eddie Nash’s legal team.

Check out the article: