Ron Launius – His Tour Of Duty In Thailand

During the Vietnam War, Ron Launius did a tour in Thailand supporting the 8th Fighter Wing at Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base. This could have been where he picked up some of his drug habits. His military awards are also listed at the bottom of this post, with images. Enjoy!


The USA was granted use of this base under a “gentleman’s agreement”. The base was guarded by Thai forces while unarmed American security personnel patrolled the base in cahoots with the Thai military police.

Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base. Photo Credit: Unknown

The 8th Fighter Wing is composed of four groups each with specific functions. The Operations Group controls all flying and airfield operations. The Maintenance Group performs Aircraft and Aircraft support equipment maintenance.

The Mission Support Group has a wide range of responsibilities with a few of its functions being Security, Civil Engineering, Communications, Personnel Management, Logistics, Services and Contracting support. The Medical Group provides medical and dental care.

Ron’s military records show him stationed at Ubon from 66-67. He was primarily working in Logistics while in Thailand, and so he must have been part of the 8th LRS unit within the Mission Support Group of the 8th Fighter Wing:

Ron’s unit was awarded a medal for their service at Ubon during wartime operations. The rest of his service was stateside at bases beginning in Texas and then California. He was also awarded several other prestigious military decorations. If you have any info on these medals, please post in the comments.

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Aerial View. Ron’s Old Stomping Ground!

Most of Ron Launius’ military awards and ribbons from his 10 years of service in the US Air Force:


Ron Launius Military Records

Wikipedia (for the military medals, Ubon, and Air Force info)