Hadji Ali – The World’s First Puke Artist?

All credit to Wikipedia, as this was their Featured Article today.

As strange as this guy is, I just don’t see the novelty of puking water and objects back up or worse, onto somebody else. I have a strong stomach and all, I just don’t get the “skill” involved, or why this is funny.

If you can sit through Ali drinking water for 20 minutes, then don’t worry, it will get worse:

Ali learned that his regurgitation talents had the potential to entertain and to earn money through performance at the age of fifteen:

I tried out my tricks first of all in the street, swallowing many glasses of water and then pouring forth a great fountain from one side of the road to the other … A cafe proprietor saw me doing this one day, and chased me down the street. I thought he wanted to beat me up, but no—all he did was to put a coin in my hand and ask me to repeat the trick. Finally, he was so delighted that he asked me to come to his cafe and entertain the customers.


Wikipedia’s Featured Article of the day, October 24, 2012. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hadji_Ali

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