De Loy’s Ape: Is This A Mini Sasquatch?

Numerous sightings of the Mono Grand (or “large monkey”) have been reported throughout the jungles of South America. Natives speak of a 5-foot-tall, bipedal ape-like creature that is often said to be dangerous. Credible witnesses reported encounters with these creatures as well, the most recent report from Gary Samuels in 1987. As a mycologist working for the New York Botanical Garden, he was gathering specimines of fungi in Guyana. After hearing footsteps, Samuels looked up to see a 5-foot-tall, bipedal ape nearby.

-Davy Russell. X-Project Paranormal Magazine. June 29, 2001.

François de Loys, a Swiss oil geologist, led an expedition from 1917 to 1920 to search for petroleum in an area along the border between Colombia and Venezuela, primarily near Lake Maracaibo. The expedition was unsuccessful, and furthermore suffered greatly due to disease and skirmishes with natives; of the 20 members of de Loys’ group, only four survived.

Red circle = Tarra River area

According to de Loys’ later report, in 1920, while camped near the Tarra River, two large creatures approached the group. Initially, de Loys thought they were bears, but then noted that they were monkey-like, holding onto shrubs and branches. The creatures – one male, one female – seemed angry, said de Loys, howling and gesturing, then defecating into their hands and flinging feces at the expedition. Fearing for their safety, the expedition shot and killed the male; the female then fled. De Loys and his companions recognized that they had encountered something unusual. The animal resembled a spider monkey, but was much larger: 5 feet 2″ tall (compared to the largest spider monkeys, which are just over 3 feet tall). De Loys counted 32 teeth (most New World monkeys have 36 teeth), and noted that the creature had no tail.

They posed the creature by seating it on a crate and propping a stick under its chin. After taking a single photograph, de Loys reported, they skinned the creature, intending to keep its hide and skull. Both items were later abandoned by the troubled expedition.

Nothing to show scale, which sucks. I just looked at various types of spider monkeys and they do not look like this creature.

According to other reports, more photographs were taken but were lost either in a flood or during the capsizing of the scientists’ boat.

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