Marvin Gaye Performing In His Underwear

During his Sexual Healing Tour, Gaye closed the show singing his hit (Sexual Healing) in a silk robe, often stripping down to bikini underwear. Fan reaction was mixed.

–Rolling Stone

In 1981, Marvin got caught up in serious financial problems, and decided to move to Europe to record his next album and avoid the IRS. Upon returning to the USA, Gaye began his “Sexual Healing Tour” in which he would perform the title song while stripping down to underwear on stage. After the tour, Marvin would be exhausted and mentally unstable. He would move in with his parents in the house he had bought for them. (Wonderland Blog Note: He also ripped off a group of investors on that last tour by canceling the remaining shows on the second leg. There WERE people after him and they wanted their money.)

–Matt LaFemina, Yahoo Voices

Marvin, say it ain’t so.

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