“Lord of the Universe” Visits the Astrodome in 1973

“The Lord is on the planet, he’s in a human body and he’s about to usher in the greatest change in the history of human civilization.”

Note:  I think that stuff like this started to make most people think Hare Krishna type religions were kooky and silly…and creepy.

Millennium ’73 was a three-day festival held on November 8–10, 1973 at the Astrodome in HoustonTexas, United States, by the Divine Light Mission (DLM). It featured Prem Rawat, then known as Guru Maharaj Ji, a 15-year-old guru and the leader of a fast-growing new religious movement. Organizers billed the festival as the most significant event in human history which would usher in a thousand years of peace.

Followers praying in the Astrodome

Followers praying in the Astrodome

The trailer to the documentary about the festival…

Millennium ’73 received wide publicity. Rennie Davis, a prominent anti-war activist and member of the Chicago Seven, helped draw attention to the event as a spokesman for the DLM. Notable journalists attended, some of them acquaintances of Davis from the New Left. It was later described by some scholars and journalists as among the major events of 1973 and the 1970s, the high point of Guru Maharaj Ji’s popularity, and the most important development in the American DLM’s history.

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