Jamaican TV during the 1980s – Oliver Samuels, The Jamaican Bill Cosby

This particular show looks funny, but I have so much trouble with their Krio English accents… and when Jamaican slang words are used, it might as well be a foreign language, LOL. I have enough trouble deciphering shows from the BBC America line-up ūüėČ



In 1985, Aston Cooke was responsible for writing the first episodes of “Oliver at Large” for Jamaica’s King of Comedy, Oliver Samuels‚Äö which became Jamaica’s most successful scripted television series to date.

Samuels found fame on the¬†Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation‘s television series¬†Oliver At Large, which was created by producer Calvin Butler and playwright¬†Aston Cooke. In this series, Oliver played his alter ego Olivius Adams, aka Oliver. The series featured sketches from Oliver’s exploits, often with his sidekick, Maffi.

Check out an entire episode: