Wonderland Murders: 1981 News Article Confirms Bill Vlick’s Age, He’s Alive

Bill Vlick was Joy Miller’s partner in crime and in drug dealing before the Wonderland Murders. I’m told this is how she met Ron Launius. I was also wondering if Bill was still alive, or if he had ever served time, etc. He was 53 at the time of the murders. I am not sure about serving time, but he is definitely alive, 85 years old, and living well in Las Vegas. He lives in a nice house with a pool. Enjoying retirement, I guess.

The crazy world of Wonderland just keeps on giving…info, that is. Thanks internet!


Four beaten to death one woman survives


A woman who was one of four people found beaten to death in a stylish Hollywood Hills home was arrested in a drug raid at the house last year according to court papers. The woman Joy A Miller had been under police surveillance for the last six months the documents said. Ms Miller the former wife of a Beverly Hills lawyer was arrested in a raid at the house June 4 1980 which turned up about an ounce each of heroin cocaine and methaqualone a depressant the documents said. One of her codefendants in that case William John Vlick, 53, was described in todays editions of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner as having links to organized crime. It quoted a Los Angeles district attorneys dum as saying Vlick is believed to be variously connected with local organized crime.

Dennis Choat the deputy district attorney who filed the June 4 charges against Ms Miller, Vlick and another woman said of Vlick “He’s a known associate of underworld figures but hes not believed to be syndicate connected”. Police would not say Thursday whether their investigation of the killings would focus on a possible drug connection.

The killings occurred early Wed but were not discovered until that afternoon when neighbors heard a woman the only apparent survivor of the attack pleading for help. Investigators said neighbors ignored cries of please dont kill me because they had grown used to noise and screaming from the house.

Also killed was William Deverell 44 identified in court records as Ms Millers lover said Pam Eaker a coroners investigator Deputy Los Angeles County Coroner Carlos Vasquez identified the other two victims as Barbara Lee Richardson 22 of Sacramento and Ronald Launius 37 of Olivehurst.

The survivor a woman who also was not identified regained consciousness in the intensive care unit at Medical Center and was interviewed Thursday by detectives a hospital source said Investigators would not comment on what she told them. Her head and neck had been cut and bruised and the tip of a finger cut away in what hospital spokesman Larry Baum described as a classic defense wound. She remained on the critical list.