David Lind, the Aryan Brotherhood and Jerry Brown

There are all kinds of things like this on the web, which lends to the notoriety of the murders and key players. I really do not think the Gang was “widely feared”, nor were they on top of the L.A. drug scene, in my opinion. They were pretty small time. And I’m not sure what to make of the statement that Lind was close to people in the Governor’s office. Jerry Brown would not touch Lind with a ten foot pole. What would be the benefit of knowing Lind?

David Lind was cremated and interred in a mausoleum in Santa Rosa, CA, within the “Friendship Memorial Niche”. I did not call the cemetery to find out what that name means, but this is hardly what happens to a vagabond heroin addict with no family. If he was estranged from his immediate family, then maybe a girlfriend or wife arranged this after he died? Or, was it the Aryan Brotherhood? He lived somewhere…with somebody…

So many questions about him remain unanswered. Post in the comments if you have any info… thanks for visiting.


David Clay Lind (b 1940, d. 1995) was perhaps the most famous and yet perplexing member of the Brotherhood. Lind was a member of the widely feared Wonderland Gang, which was brutally extinguished in a quadruple murder in 1981, which has come to be known as the Wonderland Murders. In a move uncharacteristic for a Brother, Lind fully cooperated with police during
their prosecution of pornographic film star Mr. John Curtis Holmes as well as Hollywood impresario Eddie Nash (a.k.a. Adel Nasrallah) from 1982 through 1991. Despite Lind’s cooperation with authorities and testimony in open court, both Holmes and Nash were fully acquitted. Lind died in 1995, from an overdose of heroin.

Lind’s close friendship with persons close to California Governor Jerry Brown’s capitol tends to belie the belief that the Aryan Brotherhood is strictly a criminal organization and not one involved in politics at any level. This contact could be why Lind was let into the witness protection program so easily.