The Gang Saw Holmes On Their Way To Rob Eddie Nash

Just a cool bit of info regarding the robbery of Eddie Nash. David Lind told a similar version of events. He says that Holmes held his raised fist out the window and shouted “Go Get Him!”.

I wish this part would have been in the movie. It would have been awesome!


Dona Pegita is the street shown in the picture below…and the one they had just turned onto when McCourt mentions seeing Holmes in his Malibu coming down the hill, the gang going up in the stolen Ford Granada. You would take a left at the yellow arrow, then go another 150 yards and Nash’s cul de sac “Dona Lola Place” is down a bit on the right. They got impatient waiting for slow poke Holmes to come back from unlocking the back door and so they headed that way on their own to commit the robbery. It was about 8 AM.

Tracy McCourt:  So we left the house on Wonderland Avenue, and we passed John on our way to Nash’s. He was driving down the hill and we were going up the hill. We stopped and he told us, “Get him!” He went like, “Get him!” So we went to the house and got him.

"Go Get Him!" LOL

“Go Get Him!” LOL


The Other Hollywood by Legs McNeil