John Holmes Places Himself At Wonderland

One thing is certain, John Holmes was at Wonderland the night of the killings. But for some reason, there still seems to be speculation by some that he may not have been there. The main part of the defense during his murder trial was that he was forced to watch at gunpoint. They admitted it!

Later on in the 1980s, he releases his book, Porn King, where he claims he wasn’t there, but showed up afterwards and saw the resulting carnage. In doing so, he does not even accurately describe the crime scene very well and exaggerates the amount of blood, faces bashed in, etc. He was such a liar, and his old producer buddy even said that he did not think John ever existed at all, that his entire life was smoke and mirrors, a facade, a sham. He played us all to get what he wanted, a real chameleon… but one that liked freebase.

Holmes was, and will continue to be, full of shit.

Thanks to a loyal reader, I now leave you with this short clip from his 1981 failed biopic, “Exhausted”. Wow! So that’s how Johnny Wadd looked in 1981… Val Kilmer was dead on with his appearance.

John Holmes teaching us “How to Treat Women”. Really, John?


Val Kilmer preparing for his role as Johnny Holmes? Ha!!

Val Kilmer preparing for his role as Johnny Holmes? Ha!!


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