Some Facts & A Few Awesome Clips From WONDERLAND

A few tidbits about the film:

Christina Applegate grew up near the site of the Wonderland murders and remembers seeing the bloody mattresses on the street, which led to her agreeing to take a relatively small role in the film.

In the movie, Val Kilmer (as John Holmes) wears a chain around his neck that holds a ring. The ring is was the actual wedding band that John Holmes gave his wife, Sharon, when they got married in 1965. Sharon loaned it to Val to give him good luck on the movie. When the movie was over, Sharon then gave the ring to Dawn Schiller. Val Kilmer and Josh Lucas are said to have stayed at the Wonderland home, while preparing for their roles.

In the real life story, John did not call Eddie Nash after the robbery at his place. Rather, John was spotted by some of Nash’s associates in Hollywood at the building where John had his answering service. They noticed that John was wearing some of the jewelry that was stolen in the robbery and immediately took him to Nash for questioning. Dawn Schiller says John told her that after the murders, Diles made Holmes walk all the way back to his car, which was probably 8 or 10 miles away from Wonderland. He was said to have walked and run the distance, with blood all over him.

The movie did not portray that, while John was being beaten up at Nash’s house, Liberace’s lover, Scott Thorson, was present. However, the film does show several shadowy figures standing around the room. It was Thorson’s testimony that eventually led to the indictment of Eddie Nash by federal authorities. Some have speculated however, that Thorson’s testimony is flawed and exaggerated, as he was wanting to cut a deal for his own drug arrest and charges. If Diles had borrowed Thorson’s car to go commit the murders, there would have been blood all in that car. The interior could have possibly been ruined or beyond cleaning.

When the film played the Toronto Film Festival, one of the promotional items handed out was a ruler that was 13 1/2 inches long.

And now…some excellent scenes from Wonderland the movie:


Dave lets Ron do too much blow again… you know how he gets:

Ron tells Holmes to knock himself out…

John Holmes says Hello.

Wa Hoooo!!

Eddie tells Paris Hilton to get outta here: