The Nash Robbery And The Aftermath

According to David Lind, the gang used Liquid Band-Aid on their fingertips during the Nash robbery. This was to avoid leaving fingerprints and to allow them to be more nimble with their hands; tying people up, holding guns, searching the house for drugs and valuables, and to open the safe. The Liquid Band-Aid idea was allegedly Barbara Richardson’s, as she and Joy had attended the planning meetings for the robbery.

When the gang arrived back at Wonderland, Lind immediately pointed at Holmes and told Ron Launius not to tell Holmes anything. Joy and Barbara left and headed to the Canyon Store for cigs and booze, while John paced and waited in the living room. Billy, Ron and Dave were splitting up and taking inventory of the loot in Ron’s bedroom.  They hid most of the drugs and cash there, and brought out some drugs and cash to party with and also to give John and Tracy their shares. 

Susan Launius arrived the morning of Tuesday, June 30, 1981. It was the day after the robbery and the day before the murders. I am not sure if Lind met her or not before he left that day. Ron either flew her down from Yuba City or Marysville, or picked her up in Tujunga, north of Burbank. She was said to have lived in Tujunga in the early newspaper accounts of the murders. It would have taken Ronnie an hour or two to drive there and bring her back to Wonderland that day. Susan stated that she was wearing blue jeans, brown heels and a top upon arrival at the house. In the crime scene video, you can see a big suitcase in Ron’s room. I don’t know what she did in Tujunga or up north for a living or if she lived with family or a friend. Early news articles for the murders list her age at 25, others at 29. I think 29 was correct or she would have been 15 when she married Ron in 1971. 19 years old sounds more appropriate. Oh! …an interesting thing to note is… during her courtroom testimony, Susan only remembers seeing Ron and you guessed it… Joy Miller!

It's a shame that Joy only had two lines in the movie. The deleted scene with she and Holmes is funny.

It’s a shame that Joy only had two lines in the movie. The deleted scene with she and Holmes is funny. I found this pic on a foot fetish web site as I was searching for Joy Miller via Google Images. Classic internet. I love you.

So, Joy must have made quite an impression on Susan. I also find it interesting, that no matter what is said about Ron, he was at least trying to get back together with his estranged wife. A reconciliation, a new start so to speak. Not many drug-crazed murdering maniacs do that sort of thing, in my opinion. Ronnie now had “long time money” as well. But who knows… in six months he probably would have been broke again.

Nash did not need to be a genius to figure out who had robbed him. Holmes had just left the Nash house a few minutes before the gang invaded the home. Holmes had also been there three times in the early morning, doing freebase and unlocking doors. Of course, Nash and Diles could put two and two together. The Gang and Holmes were idiots to overlook the obvious. They even ignored Tracy McCourt’s concerns once they were back at the house. It was all drugs, drugs, drugs. McCourt was the only person who was scared when they arrived back at Wonderland. He went home to North Hollywood a short while later, on his own. I wonder where he was when he saw the news reports two days later…?

Summa baby Bummaa!

Summa baby Bummaa!


The Robbery and Aftermath

David Lind: At Nash’s there was a chain-link gate that we just pushed open; we went to the sliding-glass doors that were left open by Holmes — and entered the guest bedroom. There was a doorway leading into the hallway, and I saw Gregory Diles, the bodyguard, a 300-pound black man, coming out of the kitchen with a serving tray in his hands.

I shouted, “Freeze! Police! You are under arrest!”

And then Ronnie and Billy also threw down on Eddie Nash.

I had a leather case containing a San Francisco police officer’s badge, and we all identified ourselves as police officers, and we were all armed. So we handcuffed Gregory Diles and lay him on his stomach. But while I was cuffing Diles, Ronnie bumped my arm and the gun went off.

Tracy McCourt: I was sitting in the car waiting for them when I heard a real loud noise and knew it had to be a gunshot. It sounded like a Magnum, but I calmed down by telling myself that any of the neighbors would have thought it was a load of lumber falling off a truck.

Dodge D50 4x4 Pick Up. Was this Billy's or Ron's vehicle? Source: LAPD Crime Scene Video

Dodge D50 4×4 Pick Up. Was this Billy or Ron’s vehicle? Source: LAPD Crime Scene Video

David Lind: When the shot went off, Eddie Nash immediately fell to his knees. Diles wasn’t shot or anything, he just suffered some powder burns and bled a little.

So I finished handcuffing him and laid him on the floor and put a throw rug over his head so he couldn’t see what we were doing. Eddie Nash was on his knees with his hands behind his head. Then Ron and Billy took Nash into his bedroom and I followed.

Eddie was asked to lie facedown on the carpet of his bedroom. Ron went to a wardrobe closet where there was a floor safe, and asked Nash for the combination. Then Ronnie opened the safe and withdrew a half-pound zip-lock storage bag, which was approximately three-quarters full of cocaine.

The Wonderland Spanish DVD Cover and New Title: "Excesses: At Your Own Risk"

The Wonderland Spanish DVD Cover and New Title: “Excesses: At Your Own Risk”

John had told us earlier that there was also a laboratory vial — approximately eight to ten inches in length, half an inch in diameter, full of heroin, which he called China white — and that it was in the area of Eddie Nash’s dresser. We picked that up, and also an attaché case full of money and jewelry. We found everything.

Inside the attaché case was a considerable sum of money in twenties, fifties, and hundred-dollar bills, and a considerable amount of jewelry — gold jewelry and diamonds.

Then I taped up Gregory Diles and removed the handcuffs, because the handcuffs could have been identified by what was engraved on them, and went to the bedroom and taped up Eddie Nash and threw a sheet over him.

1975 Ford Granada. This type of car was used by the gang in the robbery. The movie used a different car.

1975 Ford Granada. This type of car was used by the gang in the robbery. The movie used a different car.

After that, as we were getting ready to leave, Ronnie started to question Diles about the whereabouts of the rest of the stuff, then pulled out a knife and started to cut him, but I told Ronnie, “We’ve got everything we need here. Let’s go.”

So I opened the front door and signaled to Tracy McCourt. He started to back the car up. Then we all split.

John was waiting inside the door when we arrived back at Wonderland Avenue. The first thing he wanted to know was exactly what had happened. He was very excited about it, but I told Ron not to tell him anything.

The condos where Eddie lives in Tarzana. Present day.

The condos where Eddie lives in Tarzana. Present day.

David Lind: There were five of us involved in the robbery. Ronnie Launius, Billy Deverell, and myself were to [each] receive 25 percent of what we took. And John Holmes and Tracy McCourt were to split the remaining 25 percent of the drugs and the money. Everybody was in a pretty good mood after the success of the robbery, and we just got high.

I don’t remember when John left. I do remember when I left. I left approximately nine or ten o’clock the next morning (Tuesday).

And that was the last time I saw any of them alive.

"This town is a f**king desert!"

“This town is a f**king desert!”


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