After Paramedics Leave, Man Found Inside Wonderland When Cops Arrive

The paramedics arrived shortly before 4 pm on July 1, 1981. They left in 10 minutes with Susan Launius who was still alive. The cops arrived a few minutes later just after 4 pm and found a “witness” wandering around inside the Wonderland house (see news article below). This guy was probably a customer, one of the many who allegedly went through the blood soaked house that day looking for drugs, not minding that these people were all dead, except for Susan, who they neglected to help. The only other confirmed visits before authorities arrived were two meth dealers that police heard about through their contacts. They tracked them down, interviewed them and then released them.

This leads me to believe the deadbolt on the gate was broken or left ajar the entire day. The dogs did not get out or attack anyone to my knowledge. This also leads me to believe that they were just friendly family dogs, not pit bulls or attack dogs. Since the dogs stayed outside, were they Billy or Ron’s dogs? I don’t know many women who own dogs and leave them outside all of the time. Maybe they were not even Joy’s dogs. What do you think?

A few more observations:

Please ignore the ages given for Joy and Billy, they are way off. These beat-writers did lousy research back then, but hell, all they had was a telephone to work with.

I have not read much about primal scream therapy before or after I began researching Wonderland. I guess that was a 70/80s trend? Who the hell does that. At least Hot Yoga is sexy 😉

Also, if the man that this guy saw lying on the floor had blood all over his face, then it had to be Billy Deverell. Billy was found on the floor in the top bedroom. Ron was in bed on the mid-second floor. This means that Mr. trespasser had seen every bit of that house before going up to the top floor. He obviously was not worried about “the SOB” who might still be inside.

What a crazy trespassing bastard and what a bizarre twist. Such is Wonderland…

Lodi News-Sentinenl. July 3, 1981.

Lodi News-Sentinel. July 3, 1981.

As an added bonus for the weekend, a loyal reader has shared these unlisted/private videos on YouTube. It is John Holmes 1982 hard to find biopic documentary, “Exhausted”. Thanks scabies!

Enjoy and have a great weekend all. Watch the movie before it is removed or deleted.