Photos of Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base During Ronnie’s Tour

Below is a link to some interesting photos of the air base in Thailand where Ronnie Launius was stationed during the Vietnam War. For more on Ubon, you can go here.

Ronnie joined the Air Force right after high school. After basic training he was stationed at bases in California and Texas. He was eventually stationed at Ubon, Thailand from Dec. 66 to Nov. 67, as part of the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing, before his final assignment at Beale AFB in California. He got promoted and worked as an “Inventory Mgmt. Specialist” under Logistics Command. According to news articles upon his death, Ron served 6 months detention at some point before his honorable discharge and this penalty probably occurred at Beale AFB in California. Therefore, it is not known why he was tossed in the stockade. Was this drug related… I mean was Ronnie caught with drugs? Who knows, but his final rank in the USAF was Staff Sergeant. He was honorably discharged after serving almost 10 years. A year after his discharge, he married Susan A. Murphy in 1971 in Carson City, Nevada. Susan was either 15 or 19 years old (probably the latter), depending on news articles from the murders. I don’t have her date of birth. Since Ron was in Thailand during the war, it is hard to believe that he was exposed to Agent Orange during his service there. I have trouble believing that story. He also did not smuggle drugs back into the USA inside the coffins of dead American soldiers. That is hog wash and there is no proof at all of that happening…

For the pictures of Ubon RTAFB taken by a service member, go here. They are pretty cool, or I would not waste your time.

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