1995 Russian Mafia Article – The Legal Hell of Eddie Nash

After Wonderland, law enforcement took any opportunity that they could to fuck with Eddie Nash. The article below is a good example. Apparently, Eddie is only accused of selling the guy some drugs, but the cops threw the book at Nash whenever they could. The legal fees were wiping out what was left of his once vast fortune. One way or another, the cops can and will ruin your life if you are on their hit list for being a bad guy. My grandmother was once witness to a murder, and after she testified the killer stood up in court and threatened her life. This was in the 1970’s. Anyway, to make things worse the guy was somehow acquitted! Well, about a month later cops just happened to find a few kilos of cocaine in his car.  This is the type of backstreet justice that Nash faced for 20 years post-Wonderland.

Nash, now in his mid-60s, was also arrested in the sweep Tuesday, according to Cmdr. David J. Kalish of the Los Angeles Police Department, which participated in the task force. But drug charges against Nash are expected to be prosecuted separately from the others, in state court.

This article describes the Russian mafia tax scam. There are many scams like this and many facets to how they do it. To my knowledge, they would set up a business to sell large volumes of fuel, propane or some other homogeneous commodity at dirt cheap prices. They would not pay the sales tax, and close down the business and vanish. This way, they could keep several months of sales taxes as their profit- most often very large sums of cash.

The main Russian kingpin described in this article is yet another fascinating player in the Wonderland saga…


FBI Arrests 11 in Black Market Fuel Ring : Crime: North Hollywood man, self-described ‘godfather’ of Russian Armenian mafia, is accused of running organization.


NORTH HOLLYWOOD — An FBI-led task force Tuesday arrested “the self-described godfather” of Los Angeles’ “Russian Armenian mafia” and unsealed charges accusing him and 13 associates of a pattern of racketeering, extortion and other scams–most notably running a black market diesel fuel network that supplied gas stations and truck stops throughout the region.

In announcing the arrests, federal authorities disclosed a yearlong undercover operation in which FBI and IRS agents set up a fuel business in Burbank to flush out rings believed responsible for cheating the state and federal governments out of millions of dollars in taxes.

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