Nash And Diles Make Front Page News, Lawyers Blame Politics

It must have been a slow news day in Youngstown, OH on September 9, 1988 because the charging of Nash and Diles made the front page of The Vindicator newspaper.

Also, Eddie and Greg’s legal team blame the political ambitions of the D.A., Ira Reiner, for finally bringing charges against their clients. Ira wanted to become State Attorney General, we are told. A politician using Wonderland for political gain… that’s a first!

Things are also a bit confusing because the article mentions Sharon Holmes and how John confessed to having a role in the crime three weeks after the murders. He confessed to her the morning of the murders, in the pink-tinged bloody bathtub water, as he cleared his conscience.

Before going on the run three weeks after the murders, John and Dawn met Sharon at a Safeway parking lot twice in one day. One visit was to talk and ask her for money, the next was to get the money from her before leaving town.

The new witness, Scott Thorson, is not mentioned.

The Vindicator. Sept. 9, 1988.

The Vindicator. Sept. 9, 1988.