Scott Thorson Speaks To Larry King About Nash

Partial transcript courtesy of CNN


I guess that Eddie Nash took Scott’s Rolls Royce in exchange for drugs? That’s a shitty trade!

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KING: Liberace gave you whatever you wanted?

THORSON: Whatever I wanted.

KING: So what happened? You hopped back to L.A…

THORSON: I hopped back to L.A…

KING: (OFF-MIKE) murders occurred.

THORSON: … and I was picking up some drugs from Eddie Nash, and he told me that I would have to — he says, “Have a seat.” He says, “I was just robbed.” And involved John Holmes, you know, the porno star.

KING: How was he involved?

THORSON: Well, John Holmes was addicted to cocaine, and John Holmes set up the robbery.

KING: Because he needed the drugs.


KING: Was Nash mad at you?

THORSON: No, Nash wasn’t mad at me. But I was in the, I guess…

KING: Wrong place…

THORSON: Wrong place, wrong time. And when his bodyguard — Ed Nash’s bodyguard brought John Holmes through the door and they beat the living — I mean, it was horrible. And I was just right there.

KING: What did you testify to?

THORSON: I testified to what I heard.

KING: Which was?

THORSON: Which they beat up John and they forced John to tell them who committed the robbery.

KING: Why wasn’t Nash very mad at you? When you went into witness protection you thought he was going to kill you?

THORSON: Well, Nash — not for a long time. I mean, this was back in ’80. I didn’t testify until, what, ’87, ’88 — ’88 or ’89. So Nash and I were still good friends.

KING: So you turned on him.

THORSON: But he did say this to me. He said, “I’ll kill you and every member of your family if you ever mention a word of this.”

KING: Why did you testify against him?

THORSON: Because Ed Nash — drugs. I mean, Ed Nash took my Rolls-Royce, he took everything from me.

KING: What did they offer you in return for your testimony?

THORSON: Other than to keep me alive?

KING: That’s all they offered…

THORSON: And also I was in some trouble back then, too. I got involved with the wrong people, and I made a deal with a district attorney. KING: There was a quid pro quo; you got something.

THORSON: Yes. I got something from it, too, you know.

KING: Before all of this, before you got religion and before these last few years, you ever have a happy day?

THORSON: Oh, yes, yes.

KING: Because you seemed to be in so much trouble all the time, despite having everything.