John Holmes Has Strange Encounter With Producer

This is an interesting snippet from a book about the sexual revolution that I stumbled across and thought that I would share with you.

After the Wonderland Murders, his trial and being jailed for about a year because bail was denied, John Holmes did more porn work and PR events for whatever porn companies that would pay him. In 1983, he was still partying it up. The author assumes Holmes died of colon cancer complicated by AIDS, which is not true because the colon cancer thing was created by John and the lie simply perpetuated. To my knowledge, he died of encephalitis complicated by AIDS. By 1987, morphine was his drug of choice and not coke. He died loving the same drug that the Wonderland Gang adored.

Goldstein is the man who made the quote about Holmes entire life being a mirage, how he tricked us all, it was smoke and mirrors, a circus act, etc. In another interview I saw about this encounter, Al says that John got visibly upset at his remark.

Gloria Leonard was a former porn friend of Holmes, and he robbed her house of everything of value, even the toaster and the iron.

Also included in this post is one of Val Kilmer’s art project photos showing Sharon Holmes and Lisa Kudrow on the set of Wonderland.

From the book, What Wild Ecstacy by John Heidenry.

From the book, What Wild Ecstasy by John Heidenry.

In the movie, the character, Cherokee, is said to have been “one of Ronnie’s guys” (dealers). He has one or two scenes. Was he a real person that hung around Wonderland?

Lisa and Sharon circa 2003.

Lisa and Sharon circa 2003.