Liberace's Lover Testifies in Quadruple Murder Trial

This is an article from before the Nash/Diles trial in 1990. As I have stated in the past, Nash and Diles were in legal hell for years after the murders. The cops can and will haul someone to jail whenever they feel like it, even just to fuck with you. I need to create a timeline for all the shit these two assholes went through. Not that they weren’t involved, but Nash even had $75,000 withheld from a million dollar bail he once put up, as a penalty for something or other.

Let’s move on…

I do not know if or for how long Scott Thorson stayed at the Nash house. He may have stayed there for a night or two at some point, but it was while he was doing drugs. But on the night of the Wonderland slayings, Scott was just stopping by to score drugs. Nash said “Here, sit down. I have been robbed… and John Holmes was involved.” Nash threatened Thorson and his family with death if he told anybody. Thorson also recounted how he had an awkward, eerie conversation in the kitchen with Johnny Wadd. Holmes waited  there for Diles and company to get their shit together and go attack the gang on Wonderland.

In the summer of 1981, Scott Thorson was heavy into crack or freebase, and he and Liberace were on thin ice as a couple. Less than a year later, Liberace would throw Scott out on the street. Around this time, Thorson even traded the Rolls Royce to Eddie Nash for drugs. This was a gift from Liberace. Scott’s life was a fucking mess in the early 80s. News articles state that  in 1982, Nash’s guys helped Thorson to get his belongings from one of Liberace’s L.A. residences because Scott was afraid that Liberace’s bodyguards would beat him up. Scott Thorson was also rumored to have let Nash and Diles stay at one of Liberace’s residences in the days just after the murders, until the heat died down from the investigation. Diles and Nash would later serve time on drug charges and Diles would also get in trouble for firing his gun at police when they raided Nash’s home in the weeks following the Wonderland killings. Diles defense was that he thought they were burglars.

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March 22, 1990 | Los Angeles Times

A former lover of the late entertainer Liberace Wednesday linked both defendants (Eddie Nash and Greg Diles) in the Laurel Canyon murder trial to the house where four people were bludgeoned to death in 1981.

Scott Thorson, 31, who said he received a settlement of $95,000 after he filed a palimony suit against Liberace, testified that he was staying at the Studio City home of defendant Adel (Eddie Nash) Nasrallah in 1981 when he overheard a violent argument between Nash and porno movie star John Holmes.

Nash and co-defendant Gregory Diles, Nash’s bodyguard, were “beating Mr. Holmes up,” Thorson said under questioning by Deputy Dist. Atty. Dale Davidson. “I heard Mr. Nash . . . telling Mr. Holmes that if he didn’t take him to where those people were who robbed him, he would have every member of his family killed.”

Prosecutors contend that the murders were in retaliation for a robbery two days earlier by three occupants of the house, with Holmes’ aid.