Eddie Haskell & John Holmes

I have seen this stupid rumor posted at a few places on the web. The rumor is that Eddie Haskell later became John Holmes. It is not true, of course, but a lot of people may still believe that nonsense.

Although he was quite the a-hole when he was Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver, in real life I read that Ken Osmond was a really nice guy. I hated those reruns growing up, yes because of his character, but mostly because of how fake and corny the whole show was. No women vacuum the house with pearls and high heels on, but that is kinda sexy! I would love it if Mrs. Cleaver made me a PB&J.

Furthermore, this article from 1990 came out when the show returned to UHF antenna TV as “Still The Beaver”. It had a great run with over 100 episodes. The show also had the same cast except for Ward Cleaver. The actor, Hugh Beaumont, had already passed away. I used to watch STB because I could not afford cable back then and there was not much to choose from in those days. I would look forward to Saturday nights when COPS and America’s Most Wanted aired. Pathetic, I know… but I love my true crime.

RIP Barbara Billingsley. Eddie wanted to marry her…but she wouldn’t have him, LOL. Kidding.

Into the fray! “A Night of Eddies”. That is such a weak ass promotion. I think that was for an indoor soccer team. Indoor and soccer, now there were two reasons to hate it! Ha.

Milwaukee Journal. February 20, 1990.

Milwaukee Journal. February 20, 1990.