Johnny Wadd Films Were Featured At 70’s Obscenity Trials

If you have seen the movie, The People vs. Larry Flynt, then you know how bad 1970’s prosecutors in some parts of the country wanted to ban porn movies and graphic images. It is just so strange that they kept making grand juries and jurors sit through some of the best porn of the era.

As one can imagine, the only people ever forced to watch porn, even back in the 70’s, were usually the ones sitting in the jury box. I just can’t imagine some poor old lady in the jury being scared to death when Holmes whipped out his huge schlong on film. I suspect there was some giggling and a few bailiffs even got aroused.

This type of arrest, where they go after the employees of the theater or video store, is similar to what cops are doing today, when they bust head shop/smoke shop employees for selling fake weed and bath salts. In many cases, it’s a grey area, and no well defined area of the law is even being broken. It’s… a …witch hunt.

I wonder if they watched the entire movie, Johnny Wadd? Luckily they were being paid as jurors to sit through some really bad acting by Holmes. Getting paid to watch porn… sounds good to me. I wish I was a registered voter so I’d get picked… and paid $6 a day!

The Spokesman-Review. March 16, 1977.

The Spokesman-Review. March 16, 1977.