Pornstar Dead At 43

This article was published right after John died of AIDS. Holmes’ fellow porn actor, manager and producer friend, Bill Margold, has some ridiculous things to say about John’s illness and lifestyle.

After being released from jail in November of 1982, John got right back into porn and he also did some gay porn. Johnny Wadd needed the money for his hobbies. One of the gay pornstars that he first worked with was Joey Yale. Yale died of AIDS a few years later on April 18, 1986. He had full blown AIDS, so needless to say, he was probably carrying the virus back in 1983 when he and Holmes starred in The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes, aka John Holmes Goes Gay. It is not a shock that most of the other actors who appeared in that film are also dead, likely from AIDS.

Certainly, John was into drugs. He freebased cocaine and snorted it. He also liked to smoke pot, drink Scotch, and yes, he spent about a year in county jail. You cannot contract AIDS from those things. That’s why Margold’s comments make no sense at all. He was talking out of his ass and was obviously distracting the argument away from AIDS and the porn industry, especially since Joey Yale, Holmes’ costar, had died two years earlier from the disease.

Nice try, Margold. Shakedown, breakdown.. yer busteddd!

The Union Democrat. March 14, 1988.

The Union Democrat. March 14, 1988.