Ed Nash Mentioned In Bizarre Death of Musician Bobby Fuller

David Kulczyk keeps a blog about creepy California history, and he puts out some amazing and bizarre stories.

We all know that Eddie Nash got around okay. He was part of the L.A. social scene for a long time and he knew a ton of people. In David’s article, we see Nash mentioned in the strange death of Bobby Fuller, who did the 1965 song “I Fought The Law” (and the law won!).

This time however, he needed the law…

In the early morning hours of July 18, 1966, Bobby got a mysterious phone call and left his apartment. It was the last time that he was seen alive. About five in the afternoon, Bobby’s mother found him in his car in front of his apartment building at 1776 Sycamore in Hollywood . She first thought that he was asleep as he was wearing his pajamas, but she soon found out differently. Fuller was dead, his body beaten and the interior of his car drenched with gasoline. The police called it a suicide, saying that Fuller doused himself with gasoline inside of his car, but passed out from the fumes before he could light himself on fire.

I wish that I knew more about the club, PJ’s. If you know about it, and Eddie’s involvement as owner or whatever, please post in the comments.

Now, here is the juicy part of the story:

Bobby Fuller had a girlfriend named Melody, who worked at PJ’s as a waitress. There were rumors that she was a part-time prostitute and the girlfriend of the co-owner of PJ’s, Dominic Lucci. Lucci supposedly had East Coast mafia connections. His partner, Adel Nasrallah, a.k.a. Eddie Nash, was a well-known character who over the years has escaped numerous convictions for drug trafficking, arson, and murder. It is believed by some that Lucci, jealous over Melody’s affection for the good-looking and talented Fuller had his goons work him over to teach him a lesson about dipping into the company ink. Fuller, a confidant Texan, probably put up a fight and got the worse of it. In a panic, the goons tried to cover up the murder by burning up Fuller and his car, but got scared away from the scene by a passing police car.

The Victoria Advocate. July 19, 1996.

The Victoria Advocate. July 19, 1996.

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