The Day Before The Murders – June 30, 1981

Newly found information has come to light for the day before the murders. Bare with me, as John Holmes must have said a few thousand times.

Let’s break it down, shall we?


According to her testimony, Susan arrived at the house at 7am on Tuesday, June 30, and did not leave the entire day. In addition, besides Ronnie, she only remembers meeting Joy Miller (“someone named Joy”). However, besides obviously meeting Billy and Barbara, she must have also met David Lind that morning before he left for his drug-selling errands. I’m not sure that she met Holmes. If indeed, Ronnie punched him in the stomach for complaining about his share of the take, then I assume John got the hell out of there asap. I also doubt that Ronnie wanted Johnny Wadd around when his estranged wife was there. That would be annoying and hard to explain.


David Lind stated in his testimony that he did not leave the house on Tuesday, June 30, “until 9 or 10 in the morning”. Susan could have also met John, but Holmes probably left the Wonderland house in the early morning hours, much sooner, because he still had to track down Dawn at the Bible lady’s apartment… and first, he had to go to or call his answering service, get his messages and drive over to find the apartment. That would have taken slow poke about several hours. They ended up partying and doing drugs most of the day with the Christian lady’s sister before being asked to leave. He and Dawn then went to get a motel room in Santa Monica. He left again at some point that late afternoon/early evening and was picked up for interrogation by Nash’s goons at his answering service’s office. Why he went to the answering service is anybody’s guess. I seriously doubt they encountered Holmes on a random street in Hollywood, not that you could miss that afro a mile away.

The eerie part of Susan’s testimony at John Holmes’ Trial

Susan says that she saw ‘dark eyes that just saw right through her‘. Now, this could be her hazy dreamy memory kicking in from the injuries, but that is the same way that John Holmes described Greg Diles eyes to Dawn Schiller, as Diles had John pinned against the wall, with his forearm against Holmes’ throat, as the killer’s went about their business. Sounds like a great time for all.

Earl Hanson, Holmes’ defense lawyer, is asking Susan questions on the witness stand:

Q: Do you recall describing one of the people who came into the room as a man with very dark eyes?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you have a recollection of that incident? Is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: Now by “dark eyes” would that be black or brown?

A: They seemed like they were brown. Just dark eyes, kind of looked right through me.

What. The. Hell.

Lastly, Susan was found naked by the paramedics. Now… I know that if my estranged wife came to stay with me, then we would probably do more than order pizza, snuggle and watch television. Just sayin’… Not being tacky here, just callin’ out the facts of the case and that Ron died with a smile on his face, that ole horndog.

It’s like Lind said to the cops, “it was a good score”.