The L.A. Criminal Dynamic

One of the things that makes police work in Los Angeles tricky, Vincent Bugliosi says, is that anyone is likely to know anyone else.

In other cities, social connections are more predictable. A cop who knows who you are, where you live and how you work has a pretty good idea who you are likely to know. But drugs, sex and showbiz act like SoCal wormholes, connecting the famous with the obscure.

–Roger Ebert, Wonderland movie review. Oct. 24, 2003. Chicago Sun-Times.

Although Roger (RIP) only gave the film Wonderland 2 stars **, and no thumbs up, he rather succinctly describes the L.A. criminal dynamic in a few quick sentences. Bugliosi and Ebert are right on the money. I don’t think that the Wonderland saga would have made a bigger splash anyplace else on the planet, as it did in Los Angeles. This is the same with other famous and even a few not so famous cases.

When I am reading about other crimes in L.A., a celebrity of some sort always seems to pop up. Even with Helter Skelter and Manson. That’s what makes the place so damn awesome. That is why the Wonderland tale is so intriguing. It would not be the same if it happened in Spokane or Houston. No way in hell.

You can read the rest of Roger’s otherwise shitty review here. RIP dude.

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Not one... but two stars, you jackass!

Not one… but two stars, you jackass!