Scott Thorson and Michael Jackson

Scott Thorson likes to weave some tall tales just like JH did… geez. He is now in a Vegas jail for using stolen credit cards. It’s rumored that he has anal cancer and is working on a new book. He was shot and nearly killed in 1990 or 91 by a fellow druggie who robbed him at his Jacksonville motel room. I wonder if Eddie still has the Rolls Royce which Scott traded to him for drugs? LOL

Et Tu, Brutus?

1977 Aged 19 Scott Thorson claims in his palimony lawsuit against Liberace that their affair began here.

1979 In 2004 he claims he met Michael in Vegas because Michael meets Liberace, Michael was performing his Destiny tour with the Jacksons this year, and I can’t find any dates with him in Vegas.

30th June 1981With his long term cocaine habit already spiralling out of control, Scott Thorson’s dealers were now infamous murderers:Thorson says that he was at his friend and drug dealer Eddie Nash‘s home when John Holmes was brought in and taken to another room. As described in “Scary Monsters and Super Freaks”: “At the moment that Diles barged through the door with Holmes in tow, Thorson was with Eddie in his bedroom, doing hits [of cocaine]. Thorson claimed that while he was standing in the doorway to the other room, he…

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