Ed Nash Sends Holmes A Letter In Jail

This is strange. From jail, Nash sends Holmes a letter after his sentencing for having all of that cocaine in his house. He urges John to “tell the truth”, which to Holmes means “make up another story” and continue the ruse… pathetic. What he tells the grand jury to obtain his freedom is unknown and sealed. But, it would be the second group of lies, and probably the same set of lies that appear in his later autobiography. I recently saw that book at a used bookstore for like $2. I did not even pick it up, let alone look at it. It’s fiction. I should have moved it to the fiction section.

At his trial, John’s defense was that he was taken to the house “under duress” with a gun to his head. But in his book, “Porn King”, he says that he was kept at another house while the killings occurred, then he went to Wonderland later only to find the victims and their heads flattened, nothing left but slime or whatever the hell he said in his bullshit book.

Ok, I’m done for the day. Have at it!

That LMFAO Wonderland house video was strange. I wonder if those jackasses actually live there? scroll down the blog if you have not seen it yet.

UPI Article. Nov. 23, 1982.

UPI Article. Nov. 23, 1982.