Other Addresses For David Lind & Tracy McCourt

In the past, I had posted a photo of Dave’s last known address in the city where he died. This one below is in Oregon though, and so it goes… not sure if he lived here with a girlfriend, friends or by himself. The last I heard his granddaughter was looking for info on him. He was estranged from his immediate family, I’m told. I guess that I would be too if I got my girlfriend killed like that.

There are also rumors that his involvement as an informant goes waaay beyond Wonderland… although he probably really is dead. I doubt he dropped out of sight into the witness protection program in 1995. However, his remains are interred at an impressive niche at a cemetery in Sonoma County, CA…which is strangely nowhere close to where he died.

Oh well, for what it’s worth. To see the other house in Eureka, use the search button: “Lind Address”.

RIP Bounty Hunter!

RIP Bounty Hunter!

Colorado Springs, CO

Tracy McCourt’s other last known address in Colorado Springs, CO