The Other Two Assailants At Wonderland

At this web site by CJ, which looks long abandoned… there is a Wonderland movie review, a bit of a back-story and some other info gleaned from a few interviews that he did. He is a DJ or something in L.A., I could not find much info about “CJ”. Please post in the comments if you know. Localarts was the first to tell me about “Danny”… obviously a brother of Greg Diles. If Nash called in mob help, then maybe Danny, Joe McLean and another goon helped out that night. There would have been no remorse in a payback hit like this. It would have been and was…brutal. Mob guys are known to saw up their old friends into little pieces…so.

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Bill Margold Phone Interview – 04/25/2005

I called the 11 year-old number I had in my BladeRunner Organizer and lo ‘n behold it didn’t work worth a damn. So I splurged a whole 2 minutes and typed his name into Google, clicked his site and sent him email, reminding him of our glorious day in 1994 with Danyl Cheeks. He called me immediately and we chatted for a while. He didn’t remember me, but it didn’t matter. We had a lot to talk about.

“The problem with Eddie Nash is the son-of-a-bitch won’t die!” he told me in his raspy Jewish voice. “Ok, what concerns me are the ‘unidentified others’ who participated in the murders. There were two others besides Diles and Holmes. Know who they were?”

“A guy named ‘Danny’ and…hey you’re right.” I admitted, overlooking the obvious. “How did I overlook those two loose ends?”

“Easy. They were never identified. They were brought in by the mob.” Margold said.

I loved all of the Starwood stories posted in the comments section. Keep 'em coming!

I loved all of the Starwood stories posted in the comments section. Keep ’em coming!

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