A New Liberace Movie & Scott Thorson Is Reborn!

I believe that it was FDR who said, “Democracy is a story with no ending”. If not, then it was some old dude who said it. I will say the same about the Wonderland story. It never dies, and why should it. It’s effin fascinating. The recent HBO movie, Behind The Candelabra, has placed Eddie Nash back in the news. I also find it funny how so many TV viewers are quick to run and Google stuff they see in movies and shows. I do that everyday!

In this recent article by The Guardian, they just cannot stay away from the Nash chapter in Scott Thorson’s life.

Eight girls… damn, Nash had some stamina:

…he was offered leniency by the district attorney’s office in exchange for testifying that he happened to be at Nash’s home when thugs pummelled John Holmes – which, if true, would make Thorson a kind of Zelig of the Awful. Eleven members of the jury voted to convict. One held out. Nash later admitted to bribing that lone juror, and in 2001, he struck a plea bargain in which he was sentenced to 37 months in prison for racketeering.

Now, in his early 80s, Nash is a free man. And he would like to make it clear that he and Thorson were never partners.

“No, no, he worked for me,” Nash said on the telephone. “When Liberace dumped him, he had nothing. He was on the streets. So I took him in, and he worked at the house. He was good for cleaning. Because I lived with eight girls at the time. Beautiful girls. College girls. It was safe to have Thorson around because he is gay. I had a gay cook, too.”