“Boogie Nights” Director Lists Jade Pussycat As Influence

Done on a $12,000 budget, The Jade Pussycat, is listed by Paul Thomas Anderson as a major influence. It is a classic and if you have not seen it, it is probably available for free viewing somewhere on the web. Just Google it. The film even has its own Wikipedia page, so you can at least read about it.

The rest of his film influences are listed here. It’s just the usual stuff though… Good Fellas, etc.

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6. The Jade Pussycat (Bob Chinn) (1977)

“This is like Hitchcock doing a porno. It may not be one of my top ten films but it’s a film
I recommended to the Boogie Nights cast to watch as research. For me, it’s the
quintessential porno film. It’s got a murder mystery and an action hero, John Holmes,
that we love. It sucks – I know that – but it’s so enjoyable to watch, not just in a horny,
get-off kind of way. You’re just as eager to find out what’s going to happen next as you
are to watch those people fuck. The structure is, like, ‘You have to solve crimes, but you
also have to take time for the ladies.’ It’s just brilliant.”

Johnny Wadd in The Jade Pussycat

Johnny Wadd in The Jade Pussycat