Morton Downey, Jr. Show – Still Looking For David Lind

Ok, so I got my hopes up… the adrenaline was pumping!

I sifted through a lot of rubbish today on YouTube looking for it. Man, I hate this show and can see why I did not watch it back in those days. This video only has 40+ views.

Unless David Lind is using an alias here, I’m not sure if he is in this Bounty Hunters episode. I also watched the drugs episode, the porn episode and white supremacist episode… I did not see him in those shows either. Minus commercials, each show was only 45 minutes long. I scanned a list of episodes but could not find another suitable topic that would allow for him being a guest on Morton Downey, Jr. However, there was one episode from March, 1989 that just read “Current Events” (Nash Trial?).  Any ideas? Here is the list of episodes that I was researching… help me out. The Mort show only ran for 2 seasons I think.

That one guy in the cowboy hat sure looks like the few photos I have seen of a fifty-something year old David Lind. Anyways, check out this guy’s profile, he has a ton of Mort videos posted…