1962: Frank Tomlinson In Street Fight With Black Muslims

Frank Tomlinson would have been about 22 or 23 in 1962. He and his partner approached some guys selling suits out of a car. They were jumped and during the melee, twenty or more Muslims streamed out of the temple and stomped and kicked Tomlinson and his partner. In the end, one Muslim lay dead. This would have been a great episode for Adam-12!

I wonder if Frank is still a counselor or minister at the church in SoCal? Man, he should write a book about his interesting career.

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The officer who was wounded was Frank Tomlinson, whose left elbow was shattered by a shot fired by one of the Muslims who wrested a gun away from one of the other officers…

Star News. April 29, 1962.

Star News. April 29, 1962.