Accountant Says Nash Was At Wonderland That Night

For what it’s worth… if Nash was there, then I bet that hot-headed Palestinian was having a field day. Makes sense, a prideful, honor-bound guy like him would want direct involvement. Terrifying to think now what Billy went through. Payback is a real bitch sometimes.

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January 10, 1989
SANDI GIBBONS, Daily News of L.A. Staff Writer
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The 300-pound former bodyguard for one-time nightclub owner Eddie Nash implicated himself and Nash in the 1981 Laurel Canyon bludgeoning of four people, a witness testified Monday.

Nash, 59, of Tarzana, whose real name is Adel Nasrallah, and the bodyguard, Gregory DeWitt Diles, 40, are accused of killing the four people on July 1, 1981 in retaliation for a $1 million dollar robbery at Nash’s former home in Studio City two days earlier.

Eugene Glickman, an accountant whose father and uncle were business associates of Nash, said at a preliminary hearing that Diles talked to him about the Laurel Canyon killings at the Kit Kat Club, one of the night spots that Nash owned at the time of the murders.

“I just heard that they (the Laurel Canyon victims) had robbed Mr. Nash’s house, and that they were beaten to death,” Glickman testified. He said Diles “might” have said he was one of the killers, “but I don’t remember. It’s been years.”

The witness said he feared Nash and Diles and could remember no more details of the conversation.
But district attorney’s investigator Thomas Fillmore, who interviewed Glickman nearly two years ago, then testified that, “Gregory Diles told him (Glickman) that he – Gregory Diles – and Ed Nash and two other people committed the Laurel Canyon murders. Diles stated that they beat the individuals to death.”

Fillmore testified that Glickman made the disclosures about the Laurel Canyon case on May 8, 1987, during a tape recorded interview about insurance fraud against the Southern California Rapid Transit District.

Glickman later was convicted in the RTD fraud case and in an embezzlement case involving 20th Century Fox, Filmore said. Glickman testified he was placed on three years’ unsupervised probation last year in connection with those cases.

Richard Lasting, Diles’ attorney, and Nash’s lawyer, Gerald Shaleff tried to get Glickman’s testimony thrown out of court because the witness invoked his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination when he was asked if he used drugs or stole money from Nash when he worked as an accountant for the nightclub owner.

Municipal Court Judge Marion Obera allowed Glickman’s testimony to stand, however.
Nash and Diles are accused of killing Ronald Launius, 37; William DeVerell, 42; Joy Audrey Miller, 46; and Barbara Richardson, 22, before dawn July 1, 1981 in a house on Wonderland Avenue in Laurel Canyon. Launius’ wife, Susan, was wounded but survived. Prosecutors said she cannot remember who attacked her.

Former adult film star John Holmes was tried for the murders, but was acquitted in 1982 and died last year of AIDS-related complications.

An earlier witness (David Lind), who said he helped steal money, drugs, jewelry and weapons from Nash before the Laurel Canyon killings, testified that Holmes set Nash up to be robbed.