Detective Frank Tomlinson’s Book

Thanks to Jill for the heads up for this book. 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon can’t be wrong! And so I have another book coming in the mail…

The technology of today makes things so much easier, for just about any job, let alone a cop. We were just talking at work the other day about having to use payphones and phone books. Yesteryear was a different world, and we needed good cops. You had to be one hell of a bloodhound.

Thus, I especially like this review of Tomlinson’s book.

A Marine is found in a shallow grave. The case is assigned to LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division. The C/O gives it to a detective who works alone on special assignment. When the Mafia ambushes the detective, the C/O breaks from LAPD tradition, taking a risk with his own career. The First Crime Scene is based on an actual case and tells what it was like to chase killers without DNA, computers, the internet or cell phones. It also reveals the effects of this work on the lives of those who take catching killers personally. Contains Adult Content-not recommended for ages under 16.

I believe this is Frank here.