The Judge From Nash’s First Drug Trial Gets Arrested

I was initially made aware of Judge Ricks by Mike Sager’s article, The Devil and John Holmes.

It has been said that Judge Everett E. Ricks was an unpredictable hardliner. At times he would max convicted felons out, like when he was sick in 1982 but made it in to court. Coughing and wheezing, he maxed out Eddie Nash – 8 years!

Laurel Canyon map from 100 years ago.

Laurel Canyon map from 100 years ago.


By 1985 however, and after a broken pelvis from a car wreck, Judge Ricks was getting flaky on the bench, even once giving a robber in a jewel heist 5 years probation instead of 4-11 years prison time, which was a normal sentence for armed robbery. Ricks later had to reverse the probation sentence due to felony sentencing laws. Then it gets confusing. Read on…

After the 1985 car wreck left him partially disabled and in chronic pain, something happened… he was either hitting the bottle or pain pills or both. This prompted an embarrassing bit of news to leak out when he got in two separate domestic disputes with his 82 year old mother within a 24 hour period.

The L.A. Times:

Ricks, who retired last year after breaking his pelvis in two places in an automobile accident, was initially arrested Dec. 6 when his 82-year-old mother called police and said her son had hit her and threatened to kill someone if she did not give him keys to a car, police said.

After 72 hours of initial observation at Memorial Medical Center of Long Beach, a psychiatrist there ordered that he be held up to 14 days against his will, officials said. California law allows psychiatrists to do that under certain circumstances if they believe that someone is a danger to himself or others.

Judge Ricks is now 78 and still lives in Los Angeles. I wonder if he and Eddie ever hook up for lunch to talk about old times. Bonnie Brae tells me of a great Mexican place called El Coyote

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