Judge in Nash & Diles Trials Busted For Shoplifting

As if the Wonderland saga could not get any stranger! In the early 80s, Ricks was the judge in both of Nash and Diles’ trials. If Ricks was correct in declaring that Nash was a danger to society, then the judge was a bigger danger to Big Lots and Walgreens.

On New Year’s Eve 1988, the L.A. Times reported:

Long Beach Municipal Judge James Wright fined Everett Ricks $500, which the former jurist immediately paid. Under a provision of the California Penal Code, Wright then allowed [Everett Emett Ricks Jr.] to withdraw his guilty plea and enter a plea of not guilty, and then dismissed Ricks’ case.

I guess he did it for the “high”, sort of like Wynona Ryder and Lindsay Lohan. Let’s go steal some shit.