Scott Thorson Bailed Out; Now Lives Behind Brothel

Scott certainly has had one crazy year so far in 2013. He was busted for using credit cards that he found in a lost wallet, then his book about life with Liberace was made into a popular film, and now… the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada has bailed him out of jail. Scott is also working on a new book about life after Liberace. Sounds like a bestseller!

The AP article went on to say this:

Hof said he moved Thorson into his guest house behind the brothel so Thorson can get treatment for colon cancer and drug problems. He also hired an attorney to help Thorson avoid prison.

And then this, which is nonsense:

Thorson has had prior run-ins with the law relating to drugs, and he was shot multiple times in a shooting connected to his participation as a witness in the Wonderland murders, Hof said, adding that the late Liberace’s abuse prompted Thorson’s life of drugs and crime.

Come on, Hof!  Scott was shot multiple times by a junkie who robbed him at a seedy motel in Jacksonville.

I have no idea what is going on here:

The woman on the right is an 80s female wrestler I guess.

The woman on the right is an 80s female wrestler I guess.