L.A. Gets Heat Wave On Wonderland Anniversary

“Is it hot in here, cuz I am roasting!”

June of 1981 was the hottest month in the city’s history … and it is happening again.

Also, stay tuned tomorrow and Saturday for a special anniversary video 😉

L.A. in the summer, anything can happen, right?

L.A. in the summer, anything can happen, right?

Wave good-bye to June gloom, and say hello to a really big heat wave.

Things will start heating up Friday morning and it’s only supposed to get worse through the weekend. As usual, the heat will be worst in the valleys and mountains. The National Weather Service has put out an excessive heat warning.

Temperatures could reach 114 in Antelope Valley, 108 in the mountains and 106 in the Santa Clarita, San Gabriel and San Fernando valleys, the National Weather Service says. It warns that this heat wave will not be a dry heat—the humidity will make it seem even worse than it is. At night, there won’t be much of a respite: temperatures will dip down into the high 70s or low 80s.