Det. Tom Lange & Johnnie Cochran

A bit off topic… but I was reading another book about the O.J. Trial… and this story is outstanding work by Johnnie Cochran. He was a master manipulator, if you could afford him. My friend at a bank once even processed his loan app for a new car. He bought a Chrysler 300 Sedan, which sort of confused me. What a cheap bastard. My friend was also about a day away from repo-ing Phylicia Rashad’s Jeep Cherokee (yes, the mom on the Cosby Show). She finally paid up. BTW, cops and Dept of Corrections/Prison employees have their stuff repo’d the most he says. They need a raise.

Let’s get to the Lange story –

At some point, Detective Tom Lange and his family move to Simi Valley, CA and they buy a house. That’s just where the dude lives. Simi is a nice area I’m told and it is also where the cops from the Rodney King beating were acquitted or got off easy, whatever. Lange is a freakin legend and he deserves a nice place to live… he walked through a blood-soaked Wonderland house and stood next to those who perished, albeit pointing out the obvious and giving confusing North/South/East/West directions on everything, including down to a pencil…and where it was pointing.

Ok so anyway, during the O.J. Trial, Lange is on the stand being questioned by Cochran about evidence, this and that, rather routine stuff. Then, in order to capitalize on “Simi Valley”, Johnnie says to Lange “You never took any evidence to your home in Simi Valley by mistake, did you?”…. because he had a mostly black jury. He was slipping that in there, but of course. That’s classic stuff. Who let the rooster into the damned hen house!

On another occasion, Judge Ito allowed an upset juror with cabin fever to go to a Saturday UCLA football game. But get this!  He allowed Johnnie Cochran to give the juror free tickets and Johnnie even promised the juror “I’ll get you great seats!”. Ito allowed it to happen. Ito belongs in jail with O.J…and he can take his damn hourglasses with him.

BTW, I was at a bachelor party once and there was a porno-movie playing titled, “Judge Ito’s Lance”. At least the 70s porn had some style.



Have a nice day.