John Holmes Preferred Suicide To Prison

The Nash.

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Jail and prison suck – unless you’re in Norway. The key is not to get sent to the joint in the first place… unless it turns out like Shawshank at the end, where Morgan Freeman finds you on the beach in Zaywahtaneo’.

“Bad people with guns, bad breath and no sense of humor.” – I guess Nash couldn’t just laugh off what had happened to him, nor could the cops just chuckle at 4 grisly murders and let that slide. Yeah, lighten up guys.

The prison morgue workers would have definitely sold Holmes’ johnson to some curiously morbid collector. That had to be going through his mind (that, and paying his editors). The “unit” would have been stored in a jar and featured on an episode of that goofy show “Oddities”. (I love that show!)

UPI Article. Dec. 5, 1982.

UPI Article. Dec. 5, 1982.